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Hapa Web 4.0
This inline compact printing platform is specifically developed for inline printing of flexible packaging materials for the pharma and healthcare market.The platform is designed to be integrated inline with packaging lines, either in top mount form or inline on a stand with integrated unwinder. Near to line or offline roll to roll versions are also supported.

Industry 4.0 Ready

The platform systems will be at home in a digital, Industry 4.0 factory. The user experience is harmonized across the various Hapa printing applications, which enhances operability and
productivity. The condition of the systems can be monitored singly or collectively, and valuable data about a system’s status can be collected over OPC UA architecture. As a result, the actions necessary to optimize asset utilization are ready to be implemented.

The design also brings enhanced usability, optimized uptime, reduced maintenance and enhanced ease of serviceability. It is designed to work in a GMP environment and complies with FDA 21 CFR part 11 to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical segment. Intuitive and scalable, our award winning HMI is recipe-driven. It provides a single point of entry for artwork, variables and machine set-up. User access levels and audit trail comply with pharmaceutical requirements.

Scalable, the platform’s digital “redcube plus” printing module future-proofs production lines. Its capability can be increased from single to six spot colors or WCMYK, plus lacquer. An LED curing unit polymerizes the inks immediately. A flush function ensures that the print module can be placed into standby for extended periods. Printhead maintenance is automatic so that no production time is lost to manual cleaning. Distinguishing design features are the homogenous, highly recognizable design concept with elaborate detailing, a clear structured tidy appearance, neat surfaces and large transparent and translucent covers to observe processes.
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