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Hapa redcube plus 2.5, 4.5 and 7
The redcube plus is a scalable UV DOD inline printing module designed to deliver accurate and reliable print onto blank or preprinted substrates – on demand and just in time. Integration into new or existing packaging lines is simple and the futureproof design brings agility and flexibility into every supply chain logistics. An upgrade path from single to multicolor spot or CMYK printing is easy, with a print resolution up to 720 dpi at a speed of 60 meters per minute. UV pinning is an option to fulfil white and/or color-on-color printing.

Language of Form and Corporate Product Design / The design is based on formal reduction to the essentials. Sparse but defined details developed into a distinctive language of form which became a central element of Hapa’s corporate product design. The design reflects the possibilities of high-quality production processes. These enable a precise detailing with defined radii and chamfers, flush mounted metal sheets with minimal gaps, screwless fronts, valuable processed materials and surfaces, laser-engraved graphics, as well as brushed metal surfaces and anodizing dye. Redcube, developed in 2011, and redcube plus, developed in 2015, have common visual and structural characteristics that can be flexibly implemented for different requirements. Precision and technological sophistication are communicated with clarity and semantic structures, forming a visually independent brand within Hapa´s broad portfolio.

Mechanical Design / The compact design and the integrated, self-supporting construction supports flexible integration into any new or existing packaging lines. Flush surfaces are easy to clean. The integrated maintenance system supports fully automated print-head cleaning, flushing and conserving. Large external and easy to refill ink modules allow economical and environmentally friendly operation.

Material, Surfaces and Color / Brushed red and black anodized Aluminium solid and sheet metal. Brushed stainless steel sheet metal. Laserengraved Logo.

Key Advantages / Fast changeover times between jobs via fully digital data transfer. UV DOD piezo inkjet technology. Fully automated print-head maintenance. Fully automated print-head flushing (conserving). Scalable from 1 to 7 spot colors or from spot to CMYK and/or CMYK and 3 spot color printing. Scalable maximum print width from 72 to 144 mm. Scalable print resolution from 360 to 720 dpi. Three footprint versions to meet
 individual needs

Key Options / Serialization and code printing. 1-2 UV-LED pinning stations, White and Color-on-color printing

Key Features / Designed for inline printing on narrow web applications or components. Materials: paper, PP, PE; PVC, aluminum, Tyvek, medical paper. Solvent-free UV ink. Separate electrical cabinet includes controller components with defined interfaces.
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