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Messgerät für JADO Extruvision GmbH, Hannover
The Viscovisiometer is a measuring apparatus for analysis of rheological rubber properties. In addition to standard values like Mooney viscosity and Mooney scorch, it is now possible to measure real viscosity values and temperature by using a cone plate chamber. Unlike other devices, the measuring chamber of the Viscovisiometer is filled with rubber by a single screw extruder. Once the chamber is filled with rubber, the extruder maintains a constant fill pressure. Due to the unique combination of a single screw extruder with a measuring chamber, it is now possible to extrude a constant rubber flow through the chamber while measuring viscosity values. This results in viscosity values measured during the extrusion process. To ensure confident operation and data visualization, the Viscovisiometer is equipped with a touchscreen. The user software is controlled by an industrial PC via the main touch panel.
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